Biodegradable Materials for Your Labels

Many companies are working towards greater environmental sustainability and that’s commonly driven by consumers. Going green is the desire of many consumers. One of the common measures used by the label printing industry towards the conservation of the environment is increased investment in biodegradable materials. Materials are deemed biodegradable when they can be broken down […]

Biodegradable Paper and Fully Repulpable Adhesive

The benefits to using recyclable/recoverable paper in the production of packaging, labels, and other printed products are many.  They include the reduction in the use of virgin timber, to be replaced by recycled wood pulp and other wood products, the cultivation of stands of timber specifically to be harvested for paper production, leaving other climax […]

Eco-Friendly Packaging Doesn’t Mean Much without Eco-Friendly Labels

In order to label your products as biodegradable or compostable, you first need to understand what biodegradable and compostable products entail. First of all, biodegradable and compostable do not mean the same thing. If your brand is making the switch to selling environmentally friendly products, it’s important that your customized labels say so. However, with […]

Sugarcane Labels Can be Alluring and Eco-Friendly

We’re all trying to pitch in for the environment wherever we can and even a label can make a difference. Sugarcane paper is more eco-friendly to produce than wood-pulp paper. It also biodegrades faster and returns nutrients to the soil. These qualities make it an excellent choice for using to produce compostable packaging and labels. […]

Be Part of the Solution with Biodegradable Labels

Biodegradable labels on the environment

There is so much harm being done to our environment, especially with plastic, that biodegradable packaging and labelling are become more common. It may be a small contribution to the problem but using biodegradable labels can become a significant change if everyone uses them. Biodegradable labels are not labels that are made from plant-sourced or […]