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Eco-friendly Benefits of Biodegradable

A lot of consumers nowadays are very particular about using environment-friendly products. They believe that by patronizing eco-friendly brands, they are able to contribute on


Jump on the Sustainability Train

While “sustainability” as a strategic initiative encompasses much more than packaging (social, economic and environmental factors must all be considered), packaging is the one touchpoint


Sustainable Product Labels

Labelservice are major suppliers of biodegradable and compostable labels to the all industries. Catering for short run multiple sort work, or large production runs, we

Eco Friendly

Labelling Eco-Friendly Products

In order to label your products as biodegradable or compostable, you first need to understand what biodegradable and compostable products entail. First of all, biodegradable

Biodegradable labels on the environment

Let’s All Do Less Harm

Sustainability has long been on the radar of everyday consumers and an increasing sector of consumers—especially Generation Z, or those born in the mid-to late-90s—are

Biodegradable Adhesive

If You Want to Go Green, Know Your Adhesives

Increasing governmental regulations and consumers’ environmental concerns are fuelling demand for more sustainable adhesive options instead. Green and sustainable solutions are predicted to show greater

Biodegradable Adhesive

Eco-friendly Adhesives

One often overlooked packaging component is label adhesive. Adhesive is critical – it ensures that your labels stay in place. But labels use so little

Eco Friendly

Options for Eco-friendly Stickers

Brands need to portray their identity using stickers and labels, so let’s make sure this doesn’t impact the environment. There are options for eco-friendly stickers