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Sustainable Product Labels

Labelservice are major suppliers of biodegradable and compostable labels to the all industries. Catering for short run multiple sort work, or large production runs, we can supply a range of face papers and add finishes to suit all of your packaging.  Biodegradable labels are available on paper and synthetic materials, including cane sugar paper and clear film.

Sustainable product labels are environmentally friendly labels that are recyclable or compostable, that will help reduce your business’ carbon footprint without sacrificing the quality of your label’s look, design, or function. Most if not all consumer products are marked with labels, branding, and logos, to help create brand awareness and loyalty. This means a large amount of harmful waste is being created if these labels cannot be recycled.

Sustainable labels allow you to accomplish all the same purposes as traditional labels, but you can rest easy, knowing that these labels won’t spend decades in a landfill or harm our environment. If you label and sell products like beer and wine bottles, medicine and supplements, or canned and jarred goods, then you should be sure to work with a reliable label supplier that can provide you with high quality, sustainable product labels.

Labelservice offers full customization of all of their labelling products to include your brand specific designs, colours, wording, and logos. Labelservice will help you to create an attractive, easy to recognize, sustainable label that will help build brand awareness, while reducing waste.  Our sustainable product labels are recyclable and compostable which helps to reduce waste, while still effectively building your brand, without contributing to environmental issues caused by excess pollution.  If you are looking to purchase custom sustainable product labels for your products, contact Labelservice. Labelservice is a trusted label provider that will help you to create high quality, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable labels to help build your brand recognition. Contact us to learn more!