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Let’s All Do Less Harm

Biodegradable labels on the environment

Sustainability has long been on the radar of everyday consumers and an increasing sector of consumers—especially Generation Z, or those born in the mid-to late-90s—are willing to change their spending habits to support environmentally friendly products. A lot goes into the production and marketing of eco-friendly goods, but everyone will hit the shelves in some sort of packaging. We’ve read the room. We know that consumers, especially younger ones, want sustainable choices. So do we. That’s why we’ve committed to offering more sustainable label options.

We know the label is a small part of your overall packaging, which is only more reason to make sure it’s not the thing that prevents your packaging from being as sustainable as possible. If you’re looking for a way to get your incredible product to market without compromise, read on and see what Labelservice has to offer. 

You’ve planned, you’ve tested, you’ve tweaked, and your product is finally ready for your consumers. Now’s the time to pick your packaging, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. You’ll need to think about protecting the product in transit or on the shelf, telling your brand story, and attracting consumer attention. You might also want to consider its impact on the environment.

Most people know that plastics wreak havoc in landfills and the ocean but there are other concerns. The production of some materials creates toxic waste and others can’t be recycled. The issue is pressing. We’re as concerned as you are about the environment and climate, and we’ll never recommend products that greenwash your brand. Here are some strategies you can employ right now in your package design.

The liner, which is the material to which printed labels are affixed, is usually made of either paper or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). While it might be counter-intuitive to choose a material made of petroleum products, there are PET liners made of 90-100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. Chalk one up in the “recycle” column.

If you prefer paper labels, consider uncoated paper. We  have a bright white uncoated paper that is produced with 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) and it also comes with a 90-100% PCR PET liner that is eligible for our liner recycling program. These labels have wet-strength properties and hold up very well in moisture which is why they are used extensively in the beverage market. These options are only the beginning. Check-in with us and we’d be happy to plan out an eye-catching, durable, and sustainable labels for your product.