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Green Your Labels

Not too many years ago there were few green packaging choices, and now it seems there are so many good options to consider. Having more options is great but it can become confusing, especially when trying to figure out which claims are genuine. As a pioneer in revolutionizing the sustainable label industry, Labelservice still (and always will) provides the widest variety of genuinely sustainable adhesive labels.

How do you choose the right sustainable adhesive label? Which is better, Sustainable or Eco-friendly labels? Should you use compostable labels or recycled labels? or, are you better off with recycle-compatible labels? Labelservice can help!

Follow this simple and effective approach to choosing the right sustainable label, and you will hit the mark in selecting the perfect sustainable label. Start by asking yourself these two questions:

  1. Where do clients dispose of their packaging? (e.g., compost, recycle, trash/landfill)
  2. (e.g., made from recycled, compost waste, recycle everything)

Most often the labels you will be using are being placed on some kind of packaging. The material and type of packaging being used often dictates which type of sustainable adhesive labels would be the best choice. For example, if you are using a biodegradable package, then the label should be biodegradable.

On the other hand, if you have a certified compostable packaging then a compostable adhesive label is the best choice as it does not contaminate the process in composting the waste. This allows your customers to simply compost the entire packaging, bag and label together.

Which sustainable message aligns with your brand promise? Choose your packaging and labels based on what your company is committed to.

If your Sustainable Brand Promise is…     …then choose this label

All Compostable Packaging                                          Compostable & Bio Labels

All Packaging is Biodegradable                                   Compostable & Bio Labels

We Have Recycled Products/Materials                   100% Recycled Labels (white or kraft)

We Recycle                                                                         100% Recycle-friendly Labels

Eco-friendly Business                                                     All Sustainable Labels

Green business leadership                                           All Sustainable Labels

Committed to Fair Trade                                               Fair Trade Hemp Labels or Comp & Bio Labels

Socially Responsible Business                                     Fair Trade Hemp Labels or Comp & Bio Labels

Be sure to work with a sustainable label printer like us at Labelservice. Typically, when label printers recommend a label material they will only focus on performance and application. Without doubt these are very important criteria and are equally important in choosing the right sustainable label too – however, your sustainability-focused brand must also consider how labels fit into a powerful sustainable brand statement.